Über tinadevries

RAin und Mediatorin Tina de Vries, wissenschaftliche Referentin für polnisches Recht am Institut für Ostrecht München, Regensburg

Resilience in Contract Law a Proactive/Preventive Law approach

Resilience in law is a new term. If it is used at all, it is mostly connected to administrative and ecological law (see i.e.: Ahjond et al., 2013) or used for psychological aspects loosely connected to legal issues, such as psychological help for lawyers (University of Western Australia, current students, resilience). Even the FBI – without doubt a legal institution of the US administration – provides information for people to become more resilient (Larned, Jean G., 2012). In this information brochure resilience is linked to proactivity as it suggests a “proactive use of resilience” which “allows you the ability to seek out new experiences that will enrich your life.” Weiterlesen